Star Trek: Next Gen’s Locutus–coming to the big screen for one night only

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Finally, the best of Star Trek: The Next Generation is not only coming to Blu-Ray, but an episode worthy of seeing it on the big screen is on its way to a movie theater near you.  Fathom Events announced this weekend its next great one-night genre film event will be April 25, 2013.  In light of the April 2013 release of Season Three of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray, Fathom Events will be presenting a feature-length screening of the remastered two-part “The Best of Both Worlds” story arc featuring the first appearance of Patrick Stewart as Locutus. The April 25 screening at 7 p.m. local time will also include a “making of” feature as part of the screening.

“Best of Both Worlds, Part 1” is universally acknowledged as one of the best cliffhanger episodes in TV history, and it’s in the top 10 of most Trek fans’ “Best of” lists.  It also features the two scenes with the best delivery of lines by both Jonathan Frakes as acting Captain Will Riker “Mr. Worf… Fire” and by Michael Dorn as Lieutenant Worf with his comment about Captain Picard’s abduction “He IS a borg.”

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If you’re fans at all of “all things borg” like us, then this Fathom Events presentation, along with a movie screening of the Jonathan Frakes’ directed Star Trek: First Contact, will likely be the best view you could ever get of The Borg from the Star Trek universe, and in particular Locutus, the very best imagined member of The Borg from Star Trek.  Go to the Fathom Events website tickets link here for theater locations and to reserve your seats now.  Some theaters have limited reserved seating and will sell out quickly.

Here is a preview of the two-episode Blu-Ray release:

If you’re like us and skipped the releases of the first two ramp-up seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray in light of their merely half a dozen great episodes of 48 in all, the April 2013 Blu-ray release of Season Three will be highly anticipated.  With Season Three you arguably have the single best season of the seven years of all of Next Gen.  The season had some of the very best and re-watchable episodes of sci-fi TV ever: “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” “Who Watches the Watchers,” “Captain’s Holiday,” “Hollow Pursuits,” “The Most Toys,” and “Sarek.”  You can pre-order Season Three at or just pick up the special “The Best of Both Worlds” Blu-Ray edition also at a pre-order discount at  And if you’re a completist and don’t want to wait for the likely forthcoming seven season boxed Blu-Ray set sure to be released down the road, you can also pick up the Blu-Rays of Season One and Season Two at, also.

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