Yesterday turned (lucky!) seven.  That means we’ve published 2,555 days straight, every single day, locating the next big thing you probably want to check out in movies, TV, books, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, action, thrillers, crime noir, popular art, superheroes, retro fixes… and all things borg.

What was the best part for us from the past year?  Reading and reviewing more great books than ever before, and watching and reviewing more fun movies, too.  The availability of excellent television programming is at an all-time high–the days of 500 channels and nothing to watch are gone.  And interviewing writer/director Nicholas Meyer here last year was a sci-fi fan’s dream come true.  Our Hall of Fame continues to grow, and we anxiously search for each new potential honoree for our kick-ass women in film and TV, revealed each year in December.

So what is coming in Year 8?  We’ll start by attacking this new stack of books and comics.  We’ll keep previewing movies in advance of release when possible.  We’ll continue the daily coverage of what seems to be the most interesting content around at the movies, on TV, in print, or in whatever form we find it.

Thank you for reading.  A special thanks to all of you who subscribe to via email updates or via social media outlets.  It’s tremendous fun (and we put a lot of hours in) keeping up on the best genre entertainment out there, and your positive feedback fuels us to continue on.  Thanks to all the comic book publishers out there that provide us with previews and review copies, as well as non-fiction and fiction book publishers, TV and movie studios, and gaming and collectible companies that allow us to give you the first look at what’s coming next.

And thanks to my family, my friends, especially my partner in all things Elizabeth C. Bunce, my pals Art Schmidt, William Binderup, Elite Comics, and the Elite Flight Crew, all for their ongoing friendship and support.

Onward and upward!

C.J. Bunce