Time Lord Victorious–Graphic novel ties into Doctor Who multimedia event

Time Lord Victorious is a Doctor Who event, a story which crosses over and connects all forms of Doctor Who publishing media, from books, to audio dramas, even an escape room, and comics.  The implications for various incarnations of the Doctor and his companions are great–take a look at the scope of the event here.  In The Knight, the Fool, and the Dead, author Steve Cole takes the 10th Doctor back to the Dark Times.  In the novel All Flesh is Grass, from author Una McCormack, the 10th Doctor must confront the 9th and 8th Doctors.  The original actor behind the 8th Doctor performs on two audiobooks, He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not and The Enemy of My Enemy, both from Big Finish Productions.  Check out our preview pages, cover art, and a trailer below for the comic book tie-in, a 100-page graphic novel from Titan Comics featuring the 10th Doctor.

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious, the graphic novel, collects Issues #1 & #2 of the comics and features fan-favorite Tenth Doctor (portrayed on the screen by David Tennant) with artwork by Roberta Ingranata and story from Doctor Who writer Jody Houser.
After awaking in an alternate reality where the Time War never took place, the Tenth Doctor is recruited by his deadly nemeses, the Daleks, to defeat a terror that even they fear.  Can the Doctor make peace with his enemies in order to stop this unknown monster from the Dark Times as it seeks to extinguish all life in the universe?

Check out this trailer for the Time Lord Victorious event:

Add Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious to your comic book store pull list at Elite Comics or your own local comic shop now.  Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious is scheduled to arrive November 17, with Doctor Who Comics Day returning November 21, 2020.

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