This week borg wraps its first decade of daily publishing.  We’ve published every day since June 10, 2011, with more than 4,000 updates, locating the next big thing we think you’ll want to check out in movies, TV, books, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, action, thrillers, crime noir, popular art, superheroes, retro fixes… if it looks good to us, we let you know.

Personally, I can’t believe it’s been ten years since deciding to see if I could publish a webzine daily with the goal of providing new content at least once per day (which ended up sometimes as several per day as in the convention season) every day for 10 years–the goal from the very first weeks.  Thanks to Elizabeth, Art, JAB, and my canine and feline staff for sticking with me every day, and you readers, especially those who were here from the very start.  It seems like only yesterday we were sitting in a Borders Books (which, alas, doesn’t exist anymore) going through cups of Seattle’s Best, strategizing an approach.

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