Today borg turns 11, completing its first year of its second decade bringing you genre previews and recommendations.  We’ve published every day since June 10, 2011, with more than 4,000 updates, locating the next big thing we think you’ll want to check out in movies, TV, books, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, action, thrillers, crime noir, popular art, superheroes, retro fixes… if it looks good to us, we let you know.

Reading and reviewing great books is a high point with each new year, and regular readers have witnessed the rise in great TV shows and movies thanks to more streaming services each year (except for those pandemic delays, of course).  We love meeting other fans, celebrities, and creators at events throughout the years on the convention circuit.  Our borg Hall of Fame keeps growing thanks to inspirational futurists who continue to write and design for us.  We anxiously search for each new potential honoree for our kick-ass women in film and TV, revealed each year in December, and look forward to assembling our annual best of the year lists (don’t miss our best of the decade lists, too).

Thank you for reading.  A special thanks to our friends, family, William at Elite Comics, and all of you who subscribe to borg via email updates or via social media outlets.  Running borg is all about having fun and sharing the good stuff.  Your positive feedback fuels us onward in a time when ad returns are dropping and search engines constantly favor big corporation Internet traffic.  Thanks to all the comic book publishers out there that continue to provide us with previews and review copies, as well as non-fiction and fiction book publishers, TV and movie studios, and gaming and collectible companies that allow us to give you the first look at what’s coming next.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our first eleven years and keep coming back for more!

Onward and upward!

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg