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Review by C.J. Bunce An unprecedented volume was released this month: Batman: Hush Unwrapped, an exclusive and rare original art look at an entire comic book mega-hit series.  Kudos to DC Comics for not only releasing a complete compilation of a pencils-only view of the comic book process, but for releasing the one and only […]

   The celebration of the 75th anniversary of Superman is in full swing this week as the new Superman movie Man of Steel opens in theaters across the country today.  DC Comics has coordinated with comic book stores with the release of a monthly Superman titles and a new monthly this week from some of DC Comics’ […]

By Elizabeth C. Bunce I’m a big fan of retellings–fairy tales with a twist, new angles on old myths, the reinvention of familiar stories–and I’ve written my share of them as well.  So I was very excited to read Lee Bermejo’s (Joker) new Batman: Noel, especially after a look at the teaser pages in several of […]

Like the gift ideas we posted two days ago here for Star Wars, Batman is the subject of several new or recent offerings available at retail stores and online.  We think the following items will rank high on every Bat-fan’s want list: At the high end of the spectrum is the slick and flashy Batman […]

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