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   Review by C.J. Bunce Spoilers! James Robinson was able to do with his first issue in Wave 2 of DC Comics’s New 52 what the other DC Justice League creators didn’t do in the initial launch–he created an exciting and interesting play on the DC universe.  And with Paul Levitz they have re-ignited the superhero books […]

It’s only four days until Free Comic Book Day is here again, and comic book publishers have several interesting issues planned for this year.  Free Comic Book Day is always about getting new people into the local stores to check out all that comics have to offer.  So plan to grab someone and take them in to […]

    The big news for the week in comicdom is DC Comics’ confirmation yesterday that it will cancel 6 of its 52 regular series after Issue #8, after a lot of speculation over the past several weeks that DC would trim off some of its low selling titles.  DC has offered very little by way of […]

I was lucky enough to meet comic book writer Jai Nitz at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego (pictured above with comics legend Stan Lee).  Jai Nitz has written for Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, and Dynamite.  He wrote Tron: Betrayal and is currently writing Kato Origins, Green Hornet: Parallel Lives, and Bring the Thunder at […]

    It is always great to catch up with my friend Freddie Williams II, whether it is at a midwest con or in San Diego.  DW and I were lucky to meet up again with Freddie and his wife Kiki at Comic-Con in San Diego last month.  Freddie is probably best known as the series artist for […]

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