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Parker as priest

Review by C.J. Bunce

It was one of our 24 films to look for in 2013 that we previewed here at borg.com at the end of last year.  With Parker you have Jason Statham’s umpteenth role as a thief who knows how to fight.  Really, how can you go wrong?

Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief, whose old friend and mentor Hurley (Nick Nolte) asks him to do a job with a five-man crew he hasn’t worked with before, made up of Melander (The Fantastic Four I and II and The Shield’s Michael Chiklis), Carlson (Wendell Pierce), Ross (Star Trek 2009’s #2 Romulan Clifton Collins Jr.).  The result is a successful crime, but the men betray him, shoot him, and leave him for dead, and the bulk of the movie is Parker’s efforts after recovery to locate and plan the ultimate revenge for the crew.


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Statham as Parker

We’ve been hearing about the new movie Parker for several weeks now.  Based on a series of novels about a thief from author Donald E. Westlake, the film stars Jason Statham, star of some pretty good action flicks including the Transporter movies, and the even better The Bank Job and The Italian Job.  Statham has had more than enough practice playing a thief.

Check out the trailer:

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