How did this become horror update week?

Fans of the Friday the 13th series will want to take note of the most comprehensive set of franchise films and features yet available.  All twelve films from the series–beginning with the 1980 classic through the 2009 reboot and including, for fans of all things borg, the cyborg Jason Voorhees in Jason X–are all collected on 16 Blu-rays in the Friday the 13th Collection–Deluxe Edition arriving before Halloween. The collection is housed in a “rigid slipcase” and will be accompanied by an exclusive, limited edition 36″ x 24″ lithograph featuring new artwork from artist Devon Whitehead, and an exclusive, limited edition 24″ x 36″ Friday The 13th 40th Anniversary poster featuring new artwork from artist Joel Robinson (both shipped rolled, not folded).  Only launching this past weekend, the lithograph/poster set was first limited to 1,313 units, which has now been expanded to 7,000 units (available via Shout! Factory website sales only).  The appeal for fans who have purchased prior versions is in the extras: All of the previously released extras are included plus all-new bonus materials, including new audio commentaries with cast and crew.

Check out all the details and how to get your hands on this set below.

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