Toymaker Super7 looks to have outdone itself this year with its new licenses.  The most surprising–and interesting–are two lines of action figures featuring the late martial artist, martial arts instructor, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and philosopher Bruce Lee.  First up is one or more figures coming in the 3.75-inch retro-Kenner style ReAction line (just imagine the Star Wars cantina’s bounty hunters when your Bruce Lee walks in).  Super7 has only released a teaser image (above) of a cardback from this line.

But in its Ultimates line, check out a host of images, figure accessories, extra hands and heads, packaging, and more below.  These are available for pre-order now here at Entertainment Earth.  These look fantastic, right down to Bruce’s trademark yellow Onitsuka Tigers from his final, unfinished film, Game of Death.

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