Comics Age of Ultron

Originally created by Dr. Henry Pym–Ant-Man–in the Marvel Universe and in our own universe by Roy Thomas and John Buscema in the pages of Avengers Issue #55 in 1968, Ultron is one of our inductees in the Hall of Fame.  Depending on which of his 18+ incarnations you look at, throughout his development he is often a blend of the organic and the technological to form the ultimate artificial lifeform.  We don’t yet know the state of Ultron’s form in the pages of Age of Ultron Book One, released in comic book stores this week.  But we do know he nearly obliterated the planet and its superheroes like no villainous force before him.  When we last heard of Ultron, Tony Stark aka Iron Man predicted that when Ultron returns he will bring an apocalypse for mankind.  It’s that apocalypse that brings us to this new Age of Ultron.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary plunge readers into an incredibly cool book from page one, revealing New York City today as a leveled island replaced with a technological nightmare of a fortress.  Looking a bit like London after the zombie apocalypse of 28 Days Later or a post-Cloverfield monster crisis, from the city’s ashes one bow-wielding, unlikely warrior rises above them all–Clint Barton aka Hawkeye.  What happened to the city?  Why is Hawkeye saving a girl from a gang of street dregs who look like the mutants of The Dark Knight Returns? 

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