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Tekken is a fighting video arcade game franchise from Bandai Namco that premiered in 1994–one of the first fighting games to use 3D animation.  The game has gone through seven main games over the years, Tekken 3 (the one that gets named-dropped in Shaun of the Dead) notable as the third best-selling fighting game of all time behind two Super Smash Bros. games.  Tekken has seen several spinoff games, as well as movie adaptations, both in animated (Tekken: The Motion Picture and Tekken: Blood Vengeance) and live action (Tekken), form, and in comic book adaptations.  Netflix is bringing the next iteration of the franchise to life in the animated series Tekken: Bloodline–fans of the games will understand the “bloodline” reference.  Check out the first trailer for the series below.

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Review by C.J. Bunce

Audiences have seen some great animated films in recent years, with movies upping the ante on technology and visual magic, whether in Ferdinand or Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse or Spies in Disguise or Klaus.  Netflix’s new anime movie, a sequel to its live-action, futuristic, sci-fi hit Altered Carbon, takes animation and visual effects even further.  Altered Carbon: Resleeved is part Blade Runner 2049, part Marvel’s The Punisher (season two), and part Wu Assassins.  Live-action action sequences are rarely as thrilling as those choreographed in this film.

As with the live-action Altered Carbon, the inspiration from Syd Mead’s trademark futurism is all over this film, and that world looks just as stunning in anime form.  The storyboarding and layouts, the surprise screen angles, wipes, and character movements are like nothing you’ve seen before, and the details are at times life-like and three dimensional.  The story and execution is a vast improvement on the second season of the live-action show, which was a really good season of episodes to begin with.


Two years after the end of season two we catch up with Takeshi Kovacs, resleeved and working a job for Mr. Tanaseda, who has him pursuing a girl named Holly, a tattoo artist with cybernetic eyes and pawn of the yakuza, who carries some critical secrets.  Working for CTAC is Gena, a badass agent carrying secrets, who clashes with Kovacs early on.  It’s two days from an ascension ceremony–the anointing of a new mob boss–and in that time Kovacs must figure out why Mr. Tanaseda has set him on this job.  The anime film, available with English subtitles or dubbed, has a new hotel and a new concierge named Ogai (voiced in the dubbed version by Chris Conner, who plays the concierge, Poe, and hotel manager in the live-action series).  Ogai is a holographic Japanese man loyal to the new boss, but fond of Holly.  Fans of the series will find his hotel to have equally exciting defensive feature’s as Poe’s hotel, The Raven.

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One of the best Olympians so far in the 2012 Olympics is the really cool 23-year-old gymnast from Japan, Kohei Uchimura.  Every time I see him on TV I think “anime man” because of that haircut and his incredible action hero-type strength, speed and flexibility.  And that haircut–if you look at his teammates or fans, none of them look like this guy.  No, Uchimura has his own image going.  He looks like he should be starring in a live action anime movie.  He’s just got this anime action hero look down.  And he comes with the requisite superhero badass attitude and physical prowess.

Uchimura also carries a bit of cool background information with him.  Putting aside his resume of wins and medals and the fact that he won the men’s all-around gold medal this round, he has a coach named Kato.  Kato!  As in Green Hornet.  As in Pink Panther.  How can anyone have a better trainer than Kato?  Uchimura’s favorite hobby?  Sleeping.  So far so good.  Favorite food?  Chocolate.  And he won’t eat vegetables no matter what anyone tells him about diet.  His motto:  “Doing things at my own pace.”  This guy sounds like an ambassador for his generation.

So over lunch today I enlisted my co-writer pal Art Schmidt to help me figure out which anime character the Japan film industry needs to develop for the new movie starring Uchimura.  Art, with his knowledge of anime films, of course knew some right off the bat.

So here’s where we ended up.

Kaga Tetsuo is a character from Hikaru no Go.  Here he is:

Hmm… pretty close.  There’s another anime character named Tetsuo.  Tetsuo, the borg we have talked about before at borg.com, and member of the Borg Hall of Fame, from Akira:

“Just watch me attack the parallel bars with my borg arm.” (Though he might be disqualified.)

Or how about Vegeta, from Dragon Ball Z:

Hmm… we might have to adjust his part a little.

Dye the hair and you have Orochimaru-Sama from Naruto.

Or how about Goku from Dragon Ball?

That’s a lot closer to what I was thinking.  In the top photo above, Uchimura even has that forward head lean spot-on.

Maybe with a funky hat and some make-up, Ulquiorra Schiffer from Bleach?

Or Gin from the same show:

Then we come to Ash from Pokemon.

Even with the hat, Ash looks like he might be a doppleganger for our man Uchimura.  And look at “L” from Death Note:

Any other suggestions?  C’mon, Japan film industry!  We want to see this guy as an action movie star.

C.J. Bunce

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