Serenity Better Days Adam Hughes Triptych Dark Horse Comics

If all you have watched are the 13 episodes of Firefly and the movie Serenity and you want more, thanks to Dark Horse Comics you can catch up on even more stories of the Serenity and its crew with three trade editions.  And just like Dark Horse has had great success with the Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire franchises, you will find equally good handling of your favorite characters in its Serenity books.

Serenity Better Days excerpt Dark Horse Comics

In all three books you’ll find the settings, both on ship and offworld, familiar and true to the series.  Thanks to scripts by Joss Whedon himself, as well as writers Brett Mathews and Zack Whedon and artists Will Conrad and Chris Samnee.  The second novel features some top-level art cover work by Adam Hughes including three original covers that form the beautiful triptych at the top of this article.  Each trade edition reprints three issues of a limited series, and standalone stories were included in the second trade.

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