Fruit Brute Pulp Fiction

It’s a classic group of cereals that includes the only cereal that’s in the borg Hall of Fame: The good ol’ cyborg Frankenberry.  And they are all magically… er… frightfully delicious.  Or at least pretty much as you remember them from eating breakfast as a kid.  You probably remember that chocolate milk making Count Chocula and the blueberry Boo Berry, along with the strawberry flavored Frankenberry.  These classic marketing cartoon character mascots are recognizable to generations of kids whose moms let them eat ’em (thanks, Mom!).  Here are there original box covers:

count-chocula boo-berry franken-berry

But if you’re like me, your grocery store never carried Fruit Brute or Fruity Yummy Mummy.  Here is what they looked like back when they were originally released:

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