Last night Dark Horse Comics released a giant offer for Star Wars fans interested in digging deeper into the Star Wars comic book archive.  Next weekend Dark Horse will offer a 72-hour opportunity to purchase 153 single-issue digital comic books for $100, about 65 cents each, or the per-issue price you would have paid for each issue of Star Wars comics back in 1985.  With comics regularly $3.99 today it’s a pretty great deal, and Dark Horse says its more than $370 in savings off the cover price.

Exact single issue details have not yet been released, however, the Megabundle will include The Clone Wars, The Old Republic, Crimson Empire, Lost Tribe of the Sith, several Boba Fett titles, Agent of the Empire (reviewed here earlier this year), the origin series Dawn of the Jedi, and the future series Legacy. 

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