Last week Wizards of the Coast hosted its first D&D Direct, a jam-packed show revealing everything coming to Dungeons & Dragons, from new books to video games and more.  First off, the long-awaited tie-in movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, will hit theaters March 3, 2023.  The next big news is Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is coming.  It’s a collection of books that allow Dungeon Masters and players to explore Wildspace and the Astral Sea.  Combining themes of nautical exploration with deep space, Spelljammer brings the wonder of science fiction to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.  With the help of magic, spelljammers can cross the oceans of Wildspace, ply the silvery void known as the Astral Sea, and hop between worlds of the D&D multiverse.

The set, available for pre-order now here at Amazon, contains everything a Dungeon Master needs to run adventures, as well as new options for players who want to create characters in this setting including:

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