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Grimm 1 Alex Ross cover

Grimm fans who attended Free Comic Book Day Saturday and this week’s comic book Wednesday were treated to a double dose of their favorite series with both a free full-length comic story and an action-packed Issue #1.  Now in its second season on NBC, Grimm is in contention for the best fantasy series on television.  And unlike the typical comic book spin-off that is stuck in a story that doesn’t veer far from the TV scripts, the ongoing story of Portland Detective Nick Burkhart in the new comic book series actually continues key plot lines from the TV series, taking characters where it would be costly to take them on the TV series.

Grimm issue 0

The comic book series opener in the FCBD comic, Issue #0, provides an origin story overlaid on what could be a Wesen-of-the-week episode of the TV series.  It also reintroduces Nick’s mom, Kelly, played on-screen by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and her possession of the Coins of Zakynthos, which have a unique history, revealed in the pages of Issue #1.  Side-stepping story obstacles and secrets yet to be revealed to viewers, like whether or not Nick’s girlfriend Juliet will remember Nick after losing her memory from a cursed cat bite, the story takes Nick, police department partner Detective Hank Griffin and Blutbad vegan pal Monroe to Vienna in pursuit of Kelly.  Kelly had left Nick a cryptic voicemail message, sending Nick & Co. on this new adventure far away from the streets of Portland.

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Busy FCBD 2013

Yesterday was another successful Free Comic Book Day and Galactic Star Wars Day with plenty of “may the fourth be with you” greetings being exchanged in comic book stores everywhere.  It was another successful showing at Elite Comics in Overland Park, Kansas with hundreds of attendees.  Supplies of all free books were well-stocked so everyone was able to get what they were after.  And of course, free cake.

This year you could also get this great Galactic Star Wars Day/Free Comic Book Day 2013 patch to pin on your favorite wookiee:

FCBD 2013 Patch

The biggest change this year seemed to be the record number of free comic books actually directed at kids.

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FCBD Keep Calm

It was only a year ago we all raided theaters to see the opening weekend of The Avengers.  Now another year has passed and the next Avengers film is opening with Iron Man 3.  And Star Wars uber-fans will be getting together to celebrate May the Fourth–Galactic Star Wars Day.  And everyone who reads comic books will be taking friends to their local comic book store for all kinds of parties around the globe for Free Comic Book Day.

FCBD 2013 banner

We’ve chatted about Free Comic Book Day before here at borg.com.  It’s always fun and the best stores will even have cake for those not enticed enough by the free comic books.  If you haven’t browsed a comic book store recently check out this link for a comic book store near you.  Also check out the Free Comic Book Day website for more details of events being held in every state like comic book writers and artists attending to autograph books and create sketches for fans.

Here are covers to some key titles to keep a look out for:

FCBD DC Comics 2013  FCBD Dark Horse 2013

FCBD Dynamite Grimm 2013  FCBD Steampunk Oz 2013

FCBD 2013 Judge Dredd  FUBAR FCBD 2013

FCBD MouseGuard 2013  FCBD Walking Dead 2013

Get there early as not all titles may be available in quantities for everyone to get what they are after, especially The Walking Dead issue.  (Someone save me a Grimm please?)

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