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Star Wars Celebration 2017 is almost here.  This year the convention will take place in Orlando, Florida, April 13-16 at the Orange County Convention Center.  Hundreds of exclusive licensed collectibles will be available at this year’s show in light of the franchise’s 40th anniversary celebration.  But Gentle Giant wins the nostalgia award for its choice of throwback exclusive ideas–a reproduction of the Dianoga from the 1978 Star Wars Death Star Space Station playset in a jumbo format.

First unveiled at the Gentle Giant booth at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, the toy company began to re-create the original line of 3 3/4 Star Wars Kenner action figures in the size of the original large-sized action figures–about 12 inches tall.  The company releases limited numbers of each figure with card backs and packaging reflecting the style of the originals.  The company creates the jumbo figures from digital scans of the small figures.  So if you fondly remember your first figure was C-3PO, you could purchase a giant version of the figure to display, or play with, at home.  We at awarded Gentle Giant’s prototype, rocket-firing jumbo Boba Fett the best action figure release of the year here back in 2013.

So taking the first Star Wars creature toy ever released and offering it again in this anniversary year is inspired.  The Dianoga was the only included figure in any of the regular release original Star Wars playsets–all others had to have been purchased separately (the only other “monster” from the movie to be made into a toy in the early years after Star Wars would be the Dewback).  The Dianoga came with its own “garbage”–three sheets of yellow, blue, and white Styrofoam broken into bits, to soften the fall of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca from their famous fall into the trash compactor.  Gentle Giant advertises this new exclusive release, too, will include foam garbage.

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Hey, it’s the annual Star Wars celebration–May the 4th or May the Fourth Be With You.  So if you see a stormtrooper patrolling your town today you know why.

We found some fun collectibles you may want to check out beginning with John Tyler Christopher’s variant cover for Han Solo, issue #1 (pictured above).  Many Marvel Comics Star Wars monthly series since January 2015 have been producing variant covers to simulate the classic Kenner Star Wars action figures, and Christopher’s is the latest.  Check out his website today for more information on how to pick up your copy.

Toy company Gentle Giant has some cool offerings this week.  Gentle Giant is the company that re-created classic Kenner Star Wars 3 3/4 action figures in a large sized 1:6 scale format.  We discussed the best of these here at back in 2012. Gentle Giant has great discounts on its Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia in Hoth outfit, Biker Scout, Wicket Warrick, and the Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot.

Biker Scout Gentle Giant

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Honey Trap logo

What does the Honey Trap Army have to do with G.I. Joe?  Back to that in a minute.

If you’re not already familiar with Gentle Giant, it’s the toy company that creates several specialty collectible toys and busts.  Most are for the serious collector and not something kids will likely ever get their hands on with the company’s large-sized classic Star Wars line offering action figures at $75 and up.  And Gentle Giant handles several franchises, from Star Wars to Marvel to Harry Potter to The Hobbit.

Previously at we revealed some convention-exclusive figures and the retro-edition, giant rocket-firing Boba Fett may be the coolest large-sized series action figure ever made.  This past week Gentle Giant revealed its first 2013 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figure, from its Honey Trap Army line: Whisper, variant:

Whisper variant promo

And the limited-to-100 figures edition sold out almost immediately at a whopping $669 per figure.  What’s the Honey Trap Army?  You won’t find a lot of information about them, other than we saw an excellent display of the four initial character figures at last year’s Comic-Con and artist Kevin Dart either created the comic art that inspired the toy line or was inspired by the toy line to draw the characters.  But there is a video with 1960s music and art design to introduce the toy line:

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With less than two weeks until the opening of Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida (August 23-26), Gentle Giant, the toy company transmogrifying small Kenner classic action figures into giant-sized collectible figures has announced its exclusive figure for this year’s show: Lando Calrissian.  Originally the 3.75 inch figure released during The Empire Strikes Back original run of action figures, this Lando is a whopping 12 inches tall.  Why make small-sized figures bigger and not update the original designs?  Why not?

The Lando figure will be released at $75, similar in price to previous figures in the Star Wars Classic Vintage Jumbo figure line.  The large figures were scanned from the original Kenner figures and reproduced faithfully as a larger collectible.  The Lando includes his vinyl cape and blaster, just like the originals, as well as that classic Lando moustache and charismatic smile.

The figure also comes packaged on a 1981-style, The Empire Strikes Back-inspired blister card, featuring original front design, in a re-sealable plastic outer clam shell to help protect and display the figure.

Gentle Giant is offering a special pre-order opportunity here.  At that price point you might not want to collect the whole set, but if there was a single figure that is particularly nostalgic for you, this may be the way to enjoy it all over again.  And if you really do want to build a complete set, you have another opportunity:  At Gentle Giant’s display at Comic-Con this year, they displayed a giant Cantina Playset, inspired by the Sears Roebuck cardboard playsets of the early days of Kenner Star Wars toys.  For the next four days you can enter a drawing to win that prototype.  All the information is here.  Note that they are not giving away any of the figures, just the cardboard backdrop cantina set.

The 2012 Comic-Con exclusive is still available at Gentle Giant’s website for $80–the large boot variety Snaggletooth figure in jumbo form.  The original little figure was pretty rare and second only in desirability to a Boba Fett with firing rocket, and only included in a Sears Roebuck Star Wars Cantina Adventure playset.  The grail of original collectors, this is another cool figure in the jumbo line.

Unfortunately my favorite figure is already sold out–this Chewbacca figure, but I’m sure a Boba Fett would be fun to get, too.

Or an original Luke.  Or  this Ben Kenobi…

Or… (all the figures so far available in the jumbo line can be found here).

C.J. Bunce