Review by C.J. Bunce

Guardians of the Galaxy–the game–is space fantasy action with comedy notes, available now at Amazon for PS4, PS5, XBox, and more.  A new tie-novel is a prequel to the game, and it’s not a book to be overlooked.  After more than a decade of reviewing nearly every tie-in novel produced by Marvel and DC, I’m going to say M.K. England’s Guardians of the Galaxy: No Guts, No Glory is a contender for the top spot.  You need to get a lot right when you’re crafting a tie-in for familiar characters–one wrong bit of dialogue and you’re sunk.  It’s going to be more of a challenge if the team you’re writing about is as diverse and different as the members of the crew of the spaceship Milano.  You don’t need to know anything about the game to jump right in, and readers will find the characters and their backstories are 99% consistent with the characters as seen on the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  And fans of the comics can look forward to 300 pages of humorous banter among these beloved space adventurers.

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