Review by C.J. Bunce

Not everyone has life figured out.  For those who don’t, Dungeons & Dragons player turned writer Kat Kruger has prepared a light-touch self-help guide of sorts for D&D fans.  Using characters and classes and principles of fantasy play and the game itself, Dungeons & Dragons: How to Be More D&D (now available here at Amazon) provides readers opportunities to interact with others when it doesn’t come so easy.  You’ve probably seen people adapt military processes to the workplace, use psychological tests to hire new staff members, or maybe even using Star Trek’s Captain Picard’s leadership style to run a company.  Why should D&D be any different?  Sure, you may not be able to use magic or wizardry in real life, but maybe you’d like to improve something about yourself–why not use your knowledge of character building in the game to flesh out your own character in real life?

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