If you happened to miss out on Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl hardcover graphic novel first released in 2012, now’s a good time to check it out.  Archaia is issuing a trade paperback edition this week of the story for the first time.  Bastian, who wrote the story and is the illustrator, offers up a fun adventure for fans of girls with swords and high seas adventures.

The Cursed Pirate Girl is on a quest in search of her father.  It’s a journey filled with adventure above and below the mythical waters of the Omerta Seas.  A nautical fairytale of strange creatures, whimsical characters, swashbuckling danger, and the most bizarre pirates you could hope for.

Bastian’s artwork is incredibly detailed and rich.  Readers could spend hours simply examining the backgrounds, the ship, the rooms, the maps, and the 18th century characters.  Stylized woodcut-inspired designs and hand-drawn fanciful fonts draw the reader into this story book with a classic feel.

After the break, check out a preview of Cursed Pirate Girl:

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