Loot Crate Loot Pets

Now your dogs finally can catch up to all your nerdy coolness.  LootCrate has a new box for dogs called LootPets.  It’s a pretty great idea.

The first box, released in December, included a high-quality, porcelain Firefly themed dog dish, a Weyland-Yutan Corp. (the company in Alien) dog collar, a retro, metal, sci-fi rocket ID dog tag, liver treats, and best of all, an outer space, winter themed dog shirt.  Even better, the shirt matches the shirt delivered in the December 2015 “human” LootCrate.  So you and your dog get matching shirts.


LootPets is not yet available for cats.  Sorry, Garfield.

LootCrate LootPets matching shirts December 2015

We also checked out the BarkBox, another themed box for dogs.  It was also quite cool.  The BarkBox for December had a “Central Park, NYC” theme.

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