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SW Loot Crate

If you’re a Star Wars fan (and who isn’t?), it’s hard to stay away when you learn that subscription box services like Smuggler’s Bounty, Loot Crate, and Nerd Block are offering up loads of exclusive collectibles in their subscription boxes.  The downside to many of these is their reliance on exclusive Funko Pop! bobbleheads.  Funko Pops!–those over-sized cartoony versions of everything from The Walking Dead to Guardians of the Galaxy–seem to have flooded the market in the past year with variants that make the Kenner Star Wars action figure line seem like child’s play.  Just check out the wall of them at your local Books-a-Million.  If you collect Pops! then these boxes are just for you.  But one new limited edition, one-time only box didn’t take the Pop! route, and is crammed full of so many Star Wars goodies it might crush all the monthly boxes we’ve seen so far.

That box is Loot Crate’s Limited Edition Star Wars Crate.  It arrives in a gigantic 2-foot by 14-inch cardboard crate–that’s more like a suitcase.  It’s the kind of box that should encourage all box services to consider that benefits of sending one quarterly giant box instead of the monthly boxes.  Shipping charges, which benefit no one, make a single box like this–that sells for $100 instead of the standard box at $30–simply a better buy.

Many box companies spend some time on their box design, often giving members something to display their collectibles on.  The dimensions on Loot Crate’s Star Wars box are large enough to reveal a beautiful, frame-worthy image of the Millennium Falcon.  And the case includes sturdy compartments like you’d find in a steamer trunk.  But no one buys these for the cardboard box, right?

Loot Crate Vader Down

Here’s the blurb from Loot Crate:

A limited edition curated collection of cool Star Wars™ collectibles and gear for Jedi, Padawans, Bounty Hunters, Rebels, Stormtroopers, Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herders and serious fans of Star Wars™.  Nine items, including an exclusive BB-8 raglan t-shirt, $150+ value for $100 USD Domestic/$130 USD (VAT included if applicable) International including S&H!  In addition, 20 randomly-selected Star Wars™ fans will receive a Funko Hikari C-3PO variant figure valued at $80!

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Loot Crate Comic Con Box display

Ever thought about checking out what is in those monthly surprise boxes that have become more and more popular in the past few years?  Some of our friends have been buying Loot Crate and Nerd Block for several months, and when our friends at Wizard World dropped us a note about their new Comic Con Box we decided it was time to check these out.  We got in on the first three Wizard World Comic Con Boxes and three boxes from Loot Crate (we haven’t checked out any other companies’ boxes yet).  So what did we learn?

Loot Crates run about $20 including shipping per month per box, and Comic Con Boxes roughly $37 including shipping.  Each contain coupon opportunities, some with downloads, app opportunities, and similar items in addition to the main draw of the boxes–the shirts, comics, and collectibles.  You can sign up for one or multiple months and can terminate membership so long as you do so before the next box ships.  Customer service for these is very easy-going and helpful to explain if you think you messed up your ordering.  Themes are pre-announced, so you can skip months with themes that don’t interest you.

Cyber Loot Crate skull

The companies each insert random bonus items in boxes and have a deluxe box opportunity worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars that some lucky subscriber will get.  And if you film your “unboxing” and upload it to YouTube you can be eligible for other prizes, and other contests are also available throughout the year.  We didn’t get the big prize pack in our three months of boxes but did get a good bonus item in one box and in another we got a 1 of 2 variant that ended up being a rare insert.  The bonus item came with a Comic Con Box, and it was an authenticated, personally autographed photo of actress Karen Gillan in her Nebula garb from Guardians of the Galaxy.  Her autograph can sell for $70-$85 so this was the big win of all the boxes.  A close second was a Greg Horn rare variant cover for the recent issue of Wolverine #1 also in a Comic Con Box.  It also was selling online for around $70-$85.

Of the regular boxes we were most impressed with Loot Crate’s “Cyber” theme box.  The exclusive Terminator Genisys half-scale skull was just dead-on for our love of sci-fi and borg tech.  And that’s the thing about these boxes:  The broader your interest in pop culture, the more value you’ll get for your dollar because each company varies the licenses/franchises in each box.  You can easily add up the price of each item and tally more than the price of the box but ultimately it is your own taste that will be the judge of value.  If you have a spouse or friends or kids to share with or friends to trade items with, or if you’re accustomed to selling on eBay, then it can be easy to make these boxes a “win”.  Expect to see plenty of “trinkets” and the kind of swag you might find at San Diego Comic-Con plus a few higher valued items in each box.

So what exactly can you expect to find in the boxes?

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