Review by C.J. Bunce

Just two months after its theatrical debut, Thor: Love and Thunder is streaming on Disney+.  If you missed it in the theater, you’re in for the most fun MCU movie since Disney started streaming its big movies.  Featuring the return of Taika Waititi as director and voicing Thor’s large pal Korg, plus Chris Hemsworth back as Thor and his old hammer Mjolnir passing him over for Natalie Portman′s Jane Foster to become the next Thor, it adapts the 1970s story by Donald Glut and Rick Hoberg in the pages of What If…? re-introduced by writer Jason Aaron in the monthly Thor comics.  Death and dying is a big focus of this latest MCU entry, so it says a lot that it can balance that with some of the most fun adventure of all the films.  Plus a great pair of goats.

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