This month Image Comics released a new series aimed at the “science is cool” movement and possibly fans of the Fringe TV series.

Nowhere Men begins by focusing on four men: Dade Ellis, Simon Grimshaw, Emerson Strange and Thomas Walker, each a scientist in his own right, the group has formed a company called World Corp. and their cutting edge science has propelled them to rock star status.  Writer (and Image Comics publisher) Eric Stephenson doesn’t give us any time to know these characters, however, other than via an insert bio of each company founder.  Instead he brings us to them as they are about to “break up the band.”  In a sort of throwback to the opening of RoboCop, where the Omni Consumer Products company there has a major screw-up resulting in a machine killing a man in a beta test, here a World Corp. experiment goes out of control and the deaths serve to form the moral dilemma that will divide the team.

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