For 15 years Eric Cartman, the usually endearing but almost always misunderstood kid villain of South Park has been portrayed as sadistic, racist, sexist, obnoxious, manipulative, politically incorrect, lazy–traits any real world actor playing a character would have received an Emmy or Oscar for by now.  Despite his personal failings–in large part his responses from being ridiculed for being “the fat kid” (“Screw you guys… I’m going home”), Cartman has been consistently listed as one of the top 10 greatest cartoon characters of all time–and one of the top villains (“respect my authoritah!”).  He has been known to carry out ethically and morally vile antics that… often end up as highly successful business ideas.  Think Archie Bunker meets Donald Trump.  Cartman if anything is determined and effective at getting his way.   And he is no less successful at his goals tonight on an an all-new episode of South Park on Comedy Central titled “Obama Wins!”

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