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Fans of the BBC America’s Orphan Black just can’t get enough of one of the best science fiction series around.  Tatiana Maslany, the series star who plays every variant of the show’s clones, has the toughest job on television, playing in nearly every scene of its first two seasons.  The “Clone Club”–the name of the show’s fans–has cheered the series into its third season, returning to TV this April.  Tomorrow, the Clone Club gets to pursue the further adventures of Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena and all the rest as Orphan Black, a new monthly comic book series, begins.

We’re read a review copy of Issue #1 and writers and show creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett with Jody Houser have matched the voice of Sarah perfectly with Maslany’s character on TV.  In fact Issue #1 is a recap of sorts, an introduction to the characters and world of Orphan Black for those new to the series that made borg.com‘s Best of lists for 2013 and 2014.

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Szymon Kudranski serves as series artist.  His style is very simple, yet his take on the characters easily evokes the images of the actors behind the roles.  As for variant covers, look for at least a dozen variants coming your way.

After the break, check out a preview of Issue #1, courtesy of IDW Publishing:

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Maslany and Maslany in Orphan Black Season two

It was borg.com’s pick for the best TV series of 2013, and our pick for the best performance by anyone in any TV series in years, Tatiana Maslany.  BBC America just released the preview for Orphan Black Season 2, and it looks like we can expect more of the incredible intrigue that caught our attention last year.  And even more Maslany playing several clones.  And better yet, more Maslany playing clones posing as other clones.  No other actor has the opportunity to practice such a broad range of roles in one project.

If you like great special effects, look no further than Orphan Black for that, too.  The interactions between Sarah and the other clones will have you forgetting they’re all played by the same performer.

Check out this preview for Orphan Black Season 2:

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