Review by C.J. Bunce

Nine years ago here at borg we featured the first of what would become an eight-volume library of full-sized comic strips featuring Flash Gordon, the impetus for all science fiction and space fantasy heroes to come.  Rarely can you so precisely identify the source of “the modern.”  In science fiction film it is Georges Méliès’s 1902 French movie A Trip to the Moon.  For science fiction novels you much reach back further to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein all the way back in 1818.  For the intersecting genre of “science fiction-fantasy” you must turn to January 1934 and a detail-oriented artist with an eye toward realism named Alex Raymond, and his new creation, Flash Gordon.  In Titan Comics’ Flash Gordon Dailies: Austin Briggs: Radium Mines Of Electra, readers will find all the daily adventures of Flash written by Don Moore and illustrated by Austin Briggs from May 27, 1940, to November 7, 1942, all reprinted for the first time, and available today here at Amazon and at comic shops everywhere.

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