Sharknado poster

“Sharks–I never saw that coming.”

Sharknado–the Syfy Channel’s latest entry in its ongoing run of monster mash-up disaster movies–just won’t let up.  If you’re on Twitter, you already know how Sharknado was THE hot topic the day of its premiere July 11, 2013, with real-time tweets from celebrities and every other TV watcher throughout the first airing.  Sharknado’s premiere earned 1.4 million viewers.  It’s first encore netted 1.9 million viewers on July 19.  This weekend, yet another re-broadcast resulted in the Syfy Channel breaking previous records for a re-broadcast with 2.1 million viewers.  And the sequel is already in production, with an expected release date next summer.

And this Friday night, Sharknado hits the big screen.  Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, or, to walk about freely without fear of airborne sharks.  And tornados.

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