Snowpiercer poster art

It must be one of the strangest ideas for a science fiction film yet.  Bad planning reduces the planet to a freezing state where no one can survive outside.  This who remained after the world became devastated live on a single, giant train called the Snowpiercer, which stays in operation for years.  It’s so huge that a society is formed, with rich and the poor, including members of all walks of life, and a generation comes and goes living entirely on this train.  Strange is right.

But stretching the bounds of sci-fi is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Evans in Snowpiercer

We’ve previously reviewed here at the source work for the film, the graphic novel also called Snowpiercer.  It’s strange, yet entertaining as it find a new setting to ask age-old questions about culture and society’s struggles.  Finally it looks like the film has a June released date for limited showings in the U.S.

Chris Evans Snowpiercer

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