Star Trek Into Darkness Copyright Paramount Spock heat suit

For those not hiding from spoilers, the new photos released late this past week don’t offer much new from what we have seen in the teaser and trailers.  But they do give us a chance to check out in better detail J.J. Abrams and Michael Kaplan’s uniform choices and a glimpse at prop details for next summer’s 12th Paramount big-screen Star Trek franchise effort, Star Trek Into Darkness. 

Paramount released a total of 12 stills for marketing the new movie to the public, one with Zachary Quinto as Spock with a new spacesuit (above)–a combination of the original space suits from the original Star Trek TV series, the vertical helmet style from the Next Generation movies and Star Trek Voyager, and the protective mini-space shuttle-type tiles worn in a deleted scene by Captain Kirk in Star Trek Generations and re-used by B’Elanna Torres in Star Trek Voyager.  It’s a nicely designed suit–giving the wearer good visual scope with good attempts at showing the protective nature of the outfit.

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