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Back in 1978 there wasn’t a kid that didn’t love the Star Wars Holiday Special, a surprise holiday event that featured the stars of Star Wars on our television sets instead of the movie screen.  It’s there we got close-ups of aliens from the Tatooine cantina at Mos Eisley, we saw Boba Fett in action, and we got to meet Chewbacca’s family as they readied to celebrate Life Day.  It was Lucasfilm’s way of getting fans a Christmas special.  For this Christmas Lucasfilm is looking back to Life Day with the new Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook: Official Holiday Recipes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

I’ve reviewed several franchise tie-in cookbooks and every one of them is really an excuse to have fun in the kitchen and try something new.  By my count this is the ninth Star Wars cookbook, and although I might be partial to The Wookiee Cookbook and its Boba Fett-uccini, or a Han Sandwich, every Star Wars fan will find something new and fun to try in The Life Day Cookbook It’s available just in time for our Earth holidays, and you can order it in the U.S. here and the UK here.  Check out a preview below.

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Review by C.J. Bunce

It’s not your typical holiday special, but it may be one to return to each year, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special has arrived, a parody of the franchise starring LEGO Rey as she attempts to find a way to teach Finn to become a Jedi, using information she learns on Life Day–Life Day the holiday first introduced in the original 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, which was a perfect snapshot of what you would expect for a blockbuster movie’s TV tie-in in the 1970s.  Disney has used this show as an opportunity to poke fun at itself, at the Star Wars ideas it has created since it bought the franchise from George Lucas, while also poking fun at some of the ideas Lucas created.  It’s not just for fans of the third Skywalker trilogy of movies as time travel arrives in the Star Wars universe, allowing Rey to zip back and forth to every corner of the past, meeting all your familiar friends in key scenes from the movies.

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Just in time for our holidays, the Star Wars Holiday Special is making a comeback later this month.  It will be forty-two years to the day that kids like myself first saw Bea Arthur serenade a cantina full of familiar aliens as Ackmena, met Chewbacca’s extended family, and saw Boba Fett on the screen for the first time (after his preview as an action figure offer).  The Special aired on television for the first time in 1978, and now Disney+ is bringing the holiday special to a new generation of Star Wars fans.  The twist is your next celebration of Life Day is also the next LEGO movie, so expect loads of laughs and throwbacks in the animated LEGO Star Wars Holiday SpecialEven better, it comes with time travel and mash-ups across the movie spectrum.

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