Review by C.J. Bunce

Two former Dwarf actors and a duo of song-and-dance hitmen named Barbie and Ken?  Netflix’s eight-part British mystery series Stay Close can’t be as strange as that, right?  Or maybe it can.  The series centers on a former strip club dancer who made herself disappear after evading a stalker, only to have her past catch up with her a decade later as her wedding date to a new man closes in.  Played by Cush Jumbo (Torchwood, Vera, The Good Wife), the series’ lead is Megan Pierce, a woman pursued by an ex-fiancé played by The Hobbit star Richard Armitage and a cop played by The Hobbit star James Nesbitt.  Meanwhile the cops realize men have been disappearing during an annual celebration in this beachside town.  A coincidence?  All the players seem to own some part of the secret in this modified adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel.

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