Review by C.J. Bunce

Six years after it arrived in theaters, the 2016 eight-time Oscar nominee Arrival is getting a behind-the-scenes book in this month’s The Art and Science of Arrival.  In my review here at borg I remarked that a diehard science fiction moviegoer probably would find nothing new in the film–nearly every minute could be seen in countless episodes of science fiction television.  Arrival was in a line of many dramas cloaked in science fiction dress, like Interstellar and Gravity. Following the Michael Crichton stylebook, Arrival gave us a problem (terrifying, giant squid-like, alien monsters referred to as heptapods in derivative 2001: A Space Odyssey monoliths) and brought in a team of experts to work to solve that problem.  In my view the success of the movie was due entirely to lead actor Amy Adams, who seemed to have the Midas touch, having clocked five acting Oscar nominations at that point.  For fans of the movie, The Art and Science of Arrival provides insight into how it made the journey from the short story “The Story of Your Life” to movie, to Oscar nominee, ultimately only taking the sound editing Oscar that year.

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