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Star Trek: Discovery–Adventures in the 32nd Century is a new comic book series from IDW Publishing spotlighting the characters of Star Trek Discovery.  As seems quite appropriate the first issue begins with a first-person perspective of Grudge, Book’s large fluffy cat.  What is life like as a cat aboard the Discovery?  Frequent Star Trek writer Mike Johnson offers a perfectly crafted introduction to this very opinionated star of the series with artist Angel Hernandez bringing her to life on each page.

Take a look inside at a preview of the first issue of Star Trek: Discovery–Adventures in the 32nd Century below.

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“Quite a lovely animal, captain.  I find myself strangely drawn to it.”  — Mr. Spock

The android Data had a ginger tabby cat named Spot in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Mr. Barclay had a white Persian cat named Neelix on Voyager.  Chief Miles O’Brien had a white and gray cat (with an abundance of hair) named Chester on Deep Space Nine.  Scott Bakula was a cool cat who starred as Captain Archer on Enterprise (plus there was that Shore Leave Planet cat thing).  The ever-present Mr. Spock dug cats, famously being drawn to the sleek black cat Sylvia on the original series.  And the animated series even featured a cat as a bridge officer with its Lt. M’Ress.

A crew being upstaged by a fantastic cat is a rite of passage, a staple, a linchpin in the world of Star Trek.

Enter the latest: a Maine coon cat named Grudge.  Star Wars has The Book of Boba Fett, and this week, Star Trek Discovery has The Book of Grudge, available now here at Amazon.

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