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Review by C.J. Bunce

I’ve reviewed all six Firefly novels here at borg, all by but the fourth by James Lovegrove (Firefly: Big Damn Hero reviewed here, Firefly: The Magnificent Nine reviewed here, Firefly: The Ghost Machine reviewed here, and Firefly: Life Signs reviewed here, with the fourth by Tim Lebbon, Firefly: Generations reviewed here).  All make a good starting trajectory for Firefly to develop its own expanded universe beyond the first season.  British writer Una McCormack has created the latest novel in the series, Firefly: Carnival (available now here at Amazon).  Marking the sixth novel in the series, it seems like it’s time to find a way to up the stakes for these characters.

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firefly_brandnewverse_001_cover_a_main (1)  Firefly_BrandNewVerse_allltt

It’s been a little more than two years since BOOM! Studios took over the Firefly comics license from Dark Horse Comics.  Since then BOOM! has offered up the twelve-part Unification War story arc, a second twelve-part New Sheriff in the ‘Verse arc in compilation editions (Vol. 1Vol. 2, and Blue Sun Rising so far), and the one-shots The Sting and Watch How I Soar BOOM! has also followed Marvel Comics’ template after acquiring Star Wars and is reprinting the Dark Horse classics in new omnibus “Legacy” editions.  For its next series BOOM! is shooting ahead 20 years, long after the crew of the Serenity has departed, and the ship is now captained by someone entirely new:  Emma, the child of Wash and Zoe.  Meet the same ‘Verse in different time periods–the future and a look to Earth before the TV series–in the new six-part series Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse Can there really be a Firefly without Jayne?  Find out in this new series.

Check out a preview of the first issue, and some variant and future covers in the series below.

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