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Review by C.J. Bunce

This is the way… to catch up on all you haven’t yet learned about The Mandalorian.  In addition to Abrams’ brilliant high-end, behind the scenes book of original concept art The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (reviewed here) and two volumes of Titan’s The Mandalorian: The Art & Imagery (discussed here), Titan has announced the next book of the series, The Mandalorian Guide to Season One Compared to Titan’s The Art & Imagery books, this shiny hardcover book is more of a souvenir book, like the annuals UK publishers create for bigger franchises.  You’ll find more than photographs–there’s discussions and interviews about the entire first season, including an episode guide.  And you can now pre-order it here at Amazon.

SW_TheMandalorian helmets

And lots of images of cool prop helmets.

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This next Dungeons & Dragons offering is a British twist that may interest some U.S. players.  Not a product of Wizards of the Coast like the typical D&D book or accessory set, the Dungeons & Dragons 2021 Annual–the first of its kind–is now available to U.S. buyers.  Neither a rule book nor an adventure book, this is more an overview of the past year, a typical, traditional annual that the UK genre market has seen for years across major fandoms including Star Wars Annual 2021 and the Doctor Who Annual 2021 Think of it as a yearbook or souvenir book, an introduction for new players, and a look back at the releases over the past year.

Take a look inside, courtesy of Egmont Books in the UK:

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