The Closer returns strong in its final season opener (thank yew, Brenda Lee!)

Review by Elizabeth C. Bunce

For the past 6 seasons TNT’s The Closer has consistently been one of the strongest dramas in Prime Time.  With its inexplicable mix of graphic violence, quirky and lovable characters, and domestic chaos, the show delivers its own original brand of police procedural whodunnit.  Led by Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson, the entertaining ensemble cast keeps viewers tuning in weekly every summer.  Now The Closer’s last season has begun, with typical solid writing and performances. 

“Unknown Trouble” follows a mass murder in a rap music label-owned LA mansion.  Real-life rapper Reason’s music provides the undeniably catchy baseline for the whole episode–both literally and metaphorically.  But the real reason we tune in is for the drama of Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson’s personal and professional life.  And “Unknown Trouble” delivers here as well.  Within the first 20 minutes, the Major Crimes squad is plunged into organizational chaos and a wrongful death lawsuit, both of which had me fairly bubbling over with rampant speculation over what’s to come in the next 20 episodes (10 into fall, 5 winter and 6 next summer)–and beyond.

Because although Season 7 may be The Closer’s and Sedgwick’s last, it was released today that much of the cast has signed on for a Major Crimes spinoff to begin where The Closer finale leaves off.  This is happy news indeed, as I have begun to tire of Brenda’s constant angst, but knew I’d miss Flynn, Provenza, Sanchez, Tau, Gabriel and Buzz.  What could be better?  But 20 episodes is a lot of room to send off the current crew.  And lots of questions to answer–Where will Chief Pope (JK Simmons, Spider-man, Law and Order) end up?  Will Captain Raydor (Mary McDonnell, Battlestar Galactica) lead the squad?  Can Fritz (Jon Tenney, Green Lantern) and Joel continue living with Brenda?  Looks like plenty of The Closer entertainment to keep us watching through next year.


  1. I thoroughly agree with Ms. Bunce’s review of the final season of “Closer.” Strong writing and characters have been–and continue to be–the hallmark of this series.

    Although much of the cast has agreed to continue their roles in a proposed spin off of this highly successful drama, it’s not immediately apparent to me how this would differ from the current program.

    But as Ms. Bunce points out, we have months ahead to watch the final season develop.

  2. It will be truely a mistake for the show to come to an end. The cast make the show what it is.if one cast is lost the show will not be the same.Brenda is one of chacaters who compliments the cast she works with and vice a versa.Why are they endi

  3. I love Kyra Sedgwick. I watch her in all her movies and I love the closer. I have not been a faithful watcher until the past year. Now I record all of her episodes, even watch the same ones over and over again. I love the dedication of her team and although she may be leaving I am glad they will still be on another show and I will be watching if they have the same dynamic relationship with each other that they have now. They are good together and I think that’s what has helped to make the show so sucessful. Thank you Brenda Lee, I will miss you and The Closer, but look forward to seeing you elsewhere and your team continuing to work together. I hope you can make an appearance on the new show from time to time.

  4. We are very sorry to see this series end. The closer is the best police drama/comedy shows we have ever seen.Hopefully enough other viewers feel this way and request that the show be extended beyond this summers six episodes. THANK YOU SEW MUCH……

  5. I will miss this show. I work my dr. appts, luncheons, shopping, around the show. Now watching the re-runs. I’m glad to hear there will be a spin-off as I love every character.

  6. My husband and I have watched the show since the beginning, never missed an episode.
    We will miss the show, the cast is terrific, they work so well together.
    Thank Yew all for great entertainment!

  7. I LOVE Brenda Lee Johnson, will miss her .I’ve watched every episode. watch all reruns. so happy there will be a spin off , . loved all the characters. but will miss Kyera Sedwick…..I’m from the south and she really has that southern drawl down pat.THANK YEW SO MUCH Brenda Lee Johnson,, YOU WILL BE MISSED…

  8. I was very ill during the duration of the show. Knowing that I could see a new episode gave me one of the few smiles I did have during my trearment. Kyra is so believeable and so honest with her emotions….GREAT GREAT SHOW. I will miss all the cast and crew. I was in Love with every charecter. I pray we will see Kyra’s talents again soon!!! God Speed ya’ll.

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