Huntress–Not one of the DC Comics “New 52,” but maybe it should be?

Review by C.J. Bunce

One book that was released this month to no real fanfare was a new DC Comics title that is not part of the new 52 renumbered series, Huntress, written by Paul Levitz with art by Marcus To.

Huntress, whose alias is Helena Bertinelli (no relation to Valerie, we expect), is returning to Italy from Gotham City to do a little investigative clean-up work in great Dark Knight Detective style.  In sweeping a warehouse district she happens on another shady business, human trafficking of little girls, and so she adds this to her list of odd jobs.  “Wonder how many corpses I’ll leave behind on this trip?” she asks herself.

This is a nice single story issue, with a beautiful drawn style for Huntress both in and out of costume.  Ideally Birds of Prey would still feature Huntress as part of the team, but the younger look of the new Birds must not have had room for this great character.  A better team-up would have a more classic Black Canary with Huntress and maybe even Zatanna, but with no more Oracle aka Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, I guess that is not in the cards.  Anyway, there’s some tight writing here and of all the actual New 52 titles that were more fluff and action, this book packs some great action scenes and Huntress gets ample opportunity to develop her determined and almost bitter attitude and kick a little butt on the side.

Unfortunately Huntress is slated as a six-issue mini-series only. DC Comics would be wise instead to kick some of the new DC titles that have fizzled to the curb and insert the Levitz/To duo as a regular title.


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