Will Avengers take on Transformers in new movie?

Marvel just released a new movie poster and yet another trailer for The Avengers.   This time it looks like you can pretty much watch this version and skip the movie, as it discloses how each main character is recruited into the Avenger Initiative and the nature of not only Loki as villain but a tool of his destruction that looks a lot like a Transformer.  If that is more than you want to know before The Avengers is released May 4, then don’t check out the below trailer!

OK, so it is probably not intended to really be a Hasbro Transformer, but it sure looks like someone was borrowing some special effects at the studio.  The truth is there is likely no one who is a fan of superhero culture that will miss this film regardless of how much the studio reveals early.  Whether that will spoil the ultimate viewing for us all… we’ll find that out soon enough.

In this group of characters it should prove fun to see which hero one-ups the others in both story and performance.  Robert Downey, Jr.’s personality will be hard not to lead, but the digital Hulk and Samuel L. Jackson finally able to take his Nick Fury character into a full-length role all we be some welcome movie-watching.

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