Earth Day every day–Retro PSA from Muppets and a nod to Blade Runner

Yesterday was Earth Day, and I have never seen this much activity and opportunities to get involved.  Maybe more and more people are getting with “being Green.”  My local hardware store was giving away spruce tree saplings.  They only took ten minutes to plant.  I’ve done this at past homes I’ve lived in across the country and the result was tall, beautiful trees that still stand strong decades later, the giveaways part of the Arbor Day tree giveaway projects.  Arbor Day is April 27, only five days away, so you have plenty of time to get a new tree started in your yard.

The National Wildlife Federation sent around a link yesterday to a classic public service announcement from Earth Days past, which indicates we’re OK here with an observance of Earth Day the day after the fact, or, for that matter, any day after that.

It’s from the Muppets and its about being Green “before Green became the new black” as the fashionistas might say:

And while we’re looking back at retro PSAs from TV commercials past, check out this classic, with a certain ex-Replicant actress from Blade Runner:

Back in 1973 I would have had no idea who Joanna Cassidy was.  But they played this PCA years later and it definitely draws you in to think about good ol’ Smokey Bear and his message.  Smokey Bear was said to be the Ad Council’s longest running campaign, running from 1950 to the latest ad created in 2011 .  Even up until the late 1980s you could go to some park rangers across the U.S. and get a copy of this classic comic book from the 1960s:

It tells the real-life story of the American black bear that inspired the campaign.  And we can’t mention Smokey without Woodsy Owl:

All great messages, all using classic characters to try to get everyone to pay attention.  Consider planting a tree this Arbor Day!

C.J. Bunce


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