First look–TNT’s new series, Major Crimes

By Elizabeth C. Bunce

It’s official!  Finally.  After months of speculation, TNT has now begun earnest advertising for The Closer’s spinoff series, Major Crimes.  And none too soon–with things heating up and only three new episodes remaining in the original series, Major Crimes is set to debut August 13.  You have to wonder what took them so long; we’ve been watching previews for Perception for months.  But no matter, it’s here now!   And brings you two newly-released previews for this hotly anticipated new series.

More behind the scenes and introductions than trailers, these previews released by TNT reveal the continuing story will include favorites Flynn and Provenza, Taub, Buzz, and Sanchez and Taylor and Raydor.  And even Doctor Morales and Fritzi.  Will Joel return???

We can’t tell much about what changes the show will bring, although there are hints throughout. Will we see a shift in focus to more legal drama, or more classic cop series action? Or a combination of the two, perhaps with echoes of the late lamented Law & Order? Whatever the changes, if they they stick to what they do best–a great ensemble cast that handles drama but has a lot of humor thrown in, too–they’ll keep their already loyal fan base and perhaps draw in a new following, as well.

These peeks raise as many questions as they answer. What’s happened to Sergeant Gabriel?  Does this make Gabriel the infamous leak in Chief Johnson’s department?  And no Chief Pope?  And how in the world will they make Fritz work without Brenda? Sure, we’ll miss Brenda Lee, but we’ve no doubt this team will keep us busy with interesting and fun new stories.


    • when brenda left for her new job, he went with her to be her lapd liaison between the d.a.’s office and the lapd.

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