Much ado about Hobbit Day 2012 today

Many happy returns this Hobbit Day!  Celebrating the shared birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, the American Tolkien Society says of this day:

Hobbit Day is usually taken up with the fun activities – the feasts, games, costume events, fireworks and the like.  Hobbit Day is an ideal holiday, incorporating attractive elements of several others: the masquerade fun of Halloween, the feast of Thanksgiving, the exchange of greeting cards and gifts associated with Christmas and birthdays, the picnic atmosphere of Labor Day and Memorial Day, the fireworks of Independence Day (or Guy Fawkes Day)… and the study and reflection associated with many commemorative days throughout the year.

There are plenty of activities underway, and you can even listen to live broadcasts at the Middle-Earth Network Hobbit Day website.  The Hobbit Facebook page posted this “How to Throw a Hobbit Day Party” poster:

Along with the favorite Hobbit foods mentioned above, you can also catch up on Middle Earth recipes at the Hobbit Day Recipe Guide.

And if you really want to feel part of the festivities, search through the various online genealogy websites devoted to chronicling the families and relationships of men, Dwarves and Hobbit families mentioned in Tolkien’s works.  And you just might find your great aunt Mimosa ties you to being a distant relative of the famous Bagginses and Tooks of Bag End:


C.J. Bunce

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