New Girl–Funniest series on TV returns tomorrow night with two-episode premiere

What’s funny and what is not is subjective.  But I watched a lot of TV last year and only one TV series made me laugh out loud–a lot–in every single episode.  Jess, Schmidt, Nick, Winston, and Cece return tomorrow night for another season of great actors, great characters, (we hope) great writing, and gut-busting humor with a two-episode premiere at 7C/8E on Fox (note: Fox is sneaking in another half hour show so episode 2 starts at 8C/9E).  So don’t forget to set the DVR.  Look for Parker Posey guest starring in the first episode, “Re-launch.”

I’m jumping the gun a bit, but so long as the creative team doesn’t change too much, New Girl will hopefully keep up the momentum created in its first season, grounded in its quick-witted writing.  But don’t look for Cece’s old boyfriend or Jess’s friend Brooke to return–Cece’s old boyfriend was played by Stephen Amell and Brooke was played by Katie Cassidy, both starring as Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance in Arrow over on the CW Network next month.  And we like it that they are moving on–because nothing was funnier last season than the completely bizarre pairing of Cece with Schmidt.  Can they stay together another year?

Although they didn’t take away Emmy Awards last night, nominees Zooey Deschanel (Jess) and Max Greenfield (Schmidt) are as funny and versatile and talented as any actors on television.  Loyal fans only hope that the cast doesn’t all get sucked into other TV series or movies as they get due recognition, like Emmy nominations, so this series can play itself out for a few years.  Veronica Mars fans might remember Greenfield as Veronica’s friend Leo the police officer–still the nice guy, Schmidt is 360 degrees from his role as Leo.  Not since Wonderfalls with Caroline Dhavernas in 2004 has there been a more likable, relatable, appealing, and, yes, quirky, lead character as Deschanel’s Jess.  Will she or won’t she get closer to Nick?  Will Winston figure out what he wants to do with his life?

If you haven’t watched Season 1, you have an entire day to get caught up watching free streaming episodes at the New Girl official website.  If you like Schmidt you can check out Amazon where you can find Schmidt’s own book, a tie-in for the series.  And it’s not to late to check out their Facebook tie-in

C.J. Bunce

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