First look–Brad Pitt stars in World War Z, where zombies flow like ants

Originally slated for December 2012 release date which was pushed by Paramount Studios in favor of the Tom Cruise movie Jack Reacher, the zombie movie World War Z release was kicked out all the way to June 21, 2013.  Although Brad Pitt holds his own as usual in the first trailer, released this past weekend, the zombies in this preview look like… ordinary people.  En masse they flow like liquid or carpenter ants crawling over each other around their little anthill homes.  Like many previews released this year, we bet the production is saving a lot for later, or maybe they haven’t yet finished off their CGI work.

World War Z is based on Max Brooks’s novel of the same name.  The film, originally rumored to be scripted by comic book favorite J.  Michael Straczynski, stars Brad Pitt and The Killing lead actress Mireille Enos.  And it’s full of undead humans reanimated by a virus that gives them the uncontrollable desire to consume human flesh.  Because that’s what zombies do.

Check out the first trailer for World War Z:

So if you aren’t yet tired of zombies, more zombies are on their way come June 2013.

C.J. Bunce

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