A borg.com Thanksgiving tradition

Pull the turkey TV dinner out of the oven.  Throw some butter on those peas.  Pass around the Twinkies… ooops?  No more Twinkies?  Sounds like an excuse for a new tradition.

Here at borg.com we like our Thanksgiving with turkeys.  Not just one turkey.  Several turkeys.  Flying overhead even.  Yes, it is time again for your annual viewing of the best Thanksgiving episode of TV ever.  Finish this phrase:  “As God is my witness, I thought…”  You don’t know the lines to the show verbatim?  Then watch and enjoy here:

(YouTube versions change a lot, so feel free to look around for a better version, unless it’s already carried by one of your streaming providers)

And if you manage to recover from your tryptophan coma today, then check out other Thanksgiving blasts from the past here.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

The borg.com Staff

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