First look–Dwayne Johnson stars in “Snitch”


Dwayne Johnson is a pretty versatile actor.  He can do the straight-up action flick and add some real drama to even the most throwaway movie.  In February’s release Snitch, Johnson stars as a father trying to help get his son out of jail by helping those that put him away get the real guy, based on true events.  Susan Sarandon seems to play the other side of the role she won great critical acclaim for opposite Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking. 

Check out the first trailer for Snitch:

From the preview, Snitch has a bit of the vibe of Johnson’s surprisingly great performance with Johnny Knoxville in Walking Tall, another action film inspired by an original, true-life event.  If Snitch is anything like Walking Tall we can look forward to some decent action and acting from the man formally known as The Rock.

Snitch is scheduled to be released in theaters February 13, 2013, and will be competing in a pretty active action movie season along with releases from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

C.J. Bunce

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