First look–Star Trek Into Darkness, the first trailer

Cumbatch trailer cap

This one pretty much speaks for itself.  Very dark.  Earth under attack.  A starship crashing into the ocean.  Benedict Cumberbatch as blue-eyed villain… Gary Mitchell?  Or does Abrams have something else up his sleeve?

Here it is:

Nice line from Cumberbatch:  “Enjoy these final moments of peace, for I have returned to have my vengeance.” 

And there are 14 seconds of additional footage at the end in this Japanese trailer:

Something looks  very, very similar to the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan here, or is it just me?

And who is this?  Maybe Dr. Elizabeth Dehner?  And the other woman shown in blue–maybe Yeoman Rand?  Nurse Chapel?


Enjoy watching this one over and over, fellow Trek fans!

Star Trek Into Darkness is scheduled for release in theaters  May 17,2013.

C.J. Bunce

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