The End of the World is here? Read a comic book

Dark Horse 122112 A

Still here?  If anything else, the Mayan myths in the book the Popul Vuh illustrate the enduring power of storytelling.  2,500 years later and people are still paying attention to a far long ago tradition and culture.

So Dark Horse Comics has used 12-21-2012 as an opportunity for you to get just one last comic book read in, all with an appropriate doomsday theme.  Which will you pick?

Dark Horse 122112 B

We reviewed David Lapham and Mike Huddleston’s The Strain here earlier this year.  Dark Horse’s promoted offering advertisement released yesterday also includes the new To Hell You Ride, written by the star of the movie Alien and Hall of Famer Lance Henriksen.  And you can never do much better than a good Mike Mignola Hellboy story.

Dark Horse 122112 C

Check one or all of these out at your local comic book store.

We hope to see you back here tomorrow!

C.J. Bunce

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