Preview–Dynamite launches new Dresden Files series next week

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The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher’s popular series of fantasy meets mystery novels about a wizard living in modern day Chicago, has had an incredible run in print, with some 14 books released since 2000, including the November 2012 release Cold DaysIt also was turned into a Syfy Channel (then Sci Fi Channel) TV series (albeit short-lived one) starring Paul Blackthorne as the magic wielding Harry Dresden.  A bit X-Files meets a grown-up Harry Potter, The Dresden Files revolves around a fun lead character.  Dresden has also been turned into a roleplaying game, and four works in comic book form: Welcome to the Jungle (a prequel to the first novel Storm Front), Restoration of Faith (a Free Comic Book Day one-shot), Storm Front (in two volumes) and Fool Moon (in two volumes).  Arriving at your local comic book store next week is The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin, Issue #1.

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Beginning with with a nicely designed cover by DC Comics Supergirl artist Ardian Syaf, Ghoul Goblin #1 drops readers into the middle of Dresden’s strange world, with Dresden battling a sea monster he chased into Lake Michigan.  Whether you’re a fan of Butcher’s novels or the TV series, this Dresden and his optimistic and confident cheery inner voice will be familiar to you.  We even get to see Dresden discuss details of the new case with long-time spirit companion Bob, who lives in a skull.  Here Dresden is minus one Karrin Murphy, friend and police department partner in fighting crime, presumably to resurface in later stories.

Ghoul Goblin includes a prologue from early 20th century Cairo, giving us hints at the backstory and current trouble burdening a family of future clients.  A curse?  But Dresden is unflinching and assists a police officer in his attempts to solve an unusual murder before more lives are taken.  Earmarks of a werewolf?  Signs point to a goblin to begin with as we enter into the new series.

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The writing by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers in Issue #1 is tight and the dialogue proceeds at a good clip, creating a roller coaster ride for the reader.  The artwork by Joseph Cooper has some nice Bill Sienkowicz influences and his work is all action, including great layouts especially readable in digital form.  This is going to be a fun new monthly series.

The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin, Issue #1 hits newstands January 9, 2013.  You can see a longer preview of the first ten pages at Jim Butcher’s website.

C.J. Bunce

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